TWA PLANES AT CDG                     
TW_ACFT_CDG_-15.jpg: B747-131 N93104 CDG Michel GILLIAND SEP24,1978 TW_ACFT_CDG_-01.jpg: TWA B747 AT CDG SATELLITE 2 TW_ACFT_CDG_-16.jpg: B747SP 17201 CDG August 14,1980 TW_ACFT_CDG_-02.jpg: TW803-13 MAR 1973 - Bernard Pigasse en bas dans le coin gauche de la photo
TW_ACFT_CDG_-03.jpg: FLIGHT TW803 MARCH 1973 TW_ACFT_CDG_-04.jpg: B747 TAXIING - YEAR 1981 TW_ACFT_CDG_-05.jpg: B767 N601TW CDG August 17,1996 TW_ACFT_CDG_-06.jpg: N81025 CDG 01-05-1980
TW_ACFT_CDG_-07.jpg: CDG AIRPORT WRAPPED IN EUROPEAN FLATS - 1989 TW_ACFT_CDG_-08.jpg: B707-331B N8735 - May 25,1981 TW_ACFT_CDG_-09.jpg: B727-31 N839TW February 19,1991 TW_ACFT_CDG_-10.jpg: B707-331 N18711 CDG  April 3,1980

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Pictures provided by Bernard PIGASSE (TWA CDG) & Michel GILLIAND (Aéroports de Paris)
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